ETRENDZ: Healthcare technology enablers

We understand that market challenges make it increasingly difficult to get product information through to doctors with traditional detailing tactics. E-Detailing, strengthens relationships with doctors, influences and increases the prescription habits of physicians through the comprehensive and precise information flow.
Due to concerns around technological capabilities, quality and trust, Pharmaceutical companies are very conservative when it comes to selecting technology partners. Ideally, Pharmaceutical companies work with vendors they know that have a proven track record and relevant industry accreditation.
Etrendz has been in the healthcare industry for over five years now and are proud to say that we are the pioneers in developing E-Detailing applications. Our mission is to cover all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain by partnering with the pharmaceutical companies and enabling them on the technology side.
Over the years, we have worked with some of the largest global Pharmaceutical companies who are using our solutions and with time have gained trust over our capabilities to deliver on our promises. We take care of the project from inception, managing it all the way to completion and its functional implementation.
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Advantages of E-Detailing over the traditional method of detailing include:
  • Ease of communicating and explaining complex issues such as Animated Mode of Action(MOA) for better illustration of product efficacy
  • Both doctors and Pharmaceutical company find the E-Detailing applications to be user friendly, thereby significantly increasing the interaction and engagement with doctors
  • Control over communication through detailed reporting of MSR activities and doctors’ response. This control gives the Pharmaceutical company deep actionable insights, which are impossible to achieve in the traditional model. Through monitoring, the Pharmaceutical company can:
  • Know exactly how much time was spent on a particular slide
  • Know what questions were asked
  • Better evaluate the preferences and demands of doctors
  • Improve content to target specialized in demand subjects
All of the above leads to higher chances of a doctor remembering the content and the brand through E-Detailing thus translating to higher sales.
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Campaign Lifecycle Management Tools

Etrendz has never ending solutions like Campaign Lifecycle Management Tools. A few examples of these tools to name are:
  • SMS Suites
  • Telephony Solution (IVR)
  • Etrendz Mobile App Suites
  • Animated Quiz Based Games
Campaign lifecycle management tools aim at increasing MSR’s interaction with the doctors. These tools aid doctors in recalling the brand fresh in their minds. These tools enable product managers to directly engage with the doctors. A campaign once started should not fall weak until its completion – these tools confirm continuity of the campaign at each stage of its lifecycle. Product Managers can engage thousands of doctors through games and quizzes bringing both entities on the same page of understanding together. Campaign Lifecycle Management tools also assist Product Managers in tracking Medical Sales Representatives total target they have achieved.

Creative & 3D MOA

At Etrendz we create high quality creative 3D medical animations that illustrate the stimulation of action mechanisms of drugs in the body. Client may also upload these animations on their website or use as multimedia content for presentation purposes. Our animation team embraces industry experience bearing professionals with multimedia background and animation specialists. Our creative scientific animators and graphic designers are experts in adding visual excitement to the content.

In a pharmaceutical business mode-of-action animations exhibit how an active substance or a drug releases its effects in the human body. 3D animations are the tools that well explain these mechanisms to the target audience.

At Etrendz every project taken on board is customized to client’s specifications based on ultimate customers (doctors) requirements – from initial briefing / provided medical content to the final screening.
3D little human character The Doctor with a Syringe.

HCP Smart Campaigner

Etrendz has successfully developed HCP Smart Campaigner Suite. These suites provide designed to establish real time exchange of communication and virtual collaboration between the product managers and the health care providers. The HCP Smart Campaigner Suite has actually eliminated MSR’s as intermediaries between the product managers and the doctors.

HCP Smart Campaigner Suite provides three mediums to product managers in order to communicate with the doctors:
  • Mobile Client
  • Website
  • SMS Gateway
The HCP Smart Campaigner Suite features:
  • Building pharmaceutical company’s profile
  • Using the control panel the doctors / medical practitioners can register themselves
  • Product managers can send out up-coming events notifications to the doctors
  • Product managers can send new research findings to the doctors or post links
  • HCP also build doctors yellow pages for product managers references

Medical Calculators

Etrendz has another cutting edge solution for its clients, the development of Medical Calculator with user-friendly interface. It allows calculation of indices and scores with its built-in formulae. Medical Calculator is intended for use by Health Care Providers to calculate patient’s state of disease / ailment. Medical calculators enhance doctor’s efficiency many folds and saves them from performing mountains of paperwork and time consuming calculations by hand.