Disease Awareness Medical Call Centre

At Etrendz we own state of the art medical call center approved and highly acknowledged by government of Sindh and (PMA) Pakistan Medical Association. Our core capabilities and internal strengths are extremely qualified and practically experienced Doctors (GP’s – Males and Females as our medical call center agents), with well established call center infrastructure. Our doctors are capable of conversing in multiples languages spoken all over Pakistan and thus handling callers from urban centers as well as rural suburbs of the country. Etrendz empowers doctors (at call center) with EMR (Electronic Medical Record) facility that certifies our technological soundness – enabling doctors to build caller patients profile and medical records. telenor

Health Mobile application & Website

At Etrendz we develop customized mobile health applications for our clients utilizing the latest of technology. Vast array of skills and experience gives us advantageous edge on developing stout mobile health applications. We take care of the project from inception, managing it all the way to completion and its functional implementation.

Pharmaceutical companies get various Mobile Apps and Websites developed from us to have traffic attracted to their Mobile Apps or Websites. Basically targeting their consumers and general public as the audiences to insightful and awareness causing information that pharmaceutical companies comprehend – their aim is earn goodwill from their consumers for causing awareness on diseases, new researches, symptoms, treatment, prevention and cure like measures. Pharmaceutical companies facilitate their consumers by providing them knowledge which they are not apt to acquire on their own. Public service messages that add to the knowledge levels of masses develop a soft corner in the hearts of audience or consumers for the company who brings forward that informative or moral message. This way these apps and websites contribute to generation of indirect sales.


Dosage Reminder

  • This Dosage Reminder is a value added feature which can be incorporated into the mobile application or website, or this can be provided as Simple System Generated SMS Service.

  • Reminder tells the recipients to take the right drug, the right way, in the right quantity and at the right time.

  • It reminds the recipient of taking their medications, hepatitis vaccines and boosters, food supplements, birth control pills, insulin etc on time and also adjusts dosage quantity if incase readings fed to the mobile app database exhibit any irregularity.

  • It also tracks the medical history of the patient. The notifications sent out can be 100% relied upon and do not require the recipient’s cell phone device to be necessarily connected to the internet.

  • The Dosage software is also capable of tracking the time zone of point of presence of the recipient (if travelling) and adjusts reminders accordingly.

  • Dosage Reminder feature works on daily / weekly / monthly basis or at a preset number of days for 24hours.

  • Additionally in the settings the drug name, dosage information, directions and notes pertinent to each reminder can be fed, for the reminder to function accordingly.