About Us

  • Founded in 2008, Etrendz has been delivering technology solutions to the Pharmaceutical industry.
  • We take a consultative problem solving approach to come up with customized solutions
  • Pioneers in introducing award winning solutions in MENA region.
  • Clients include some of the biggest and respected names in the industry, with an almost 100% repeat business record year on year
  • Expert level technical expertise in all development platforms
  • Sound infrastructure in place to execute all related projects.

Vision & Mission


Our mission is to lend a hand to our valuable clients who hold reputable names amongst the key players in The Pharmaceutical Industry. With consultative solutions, we endure steadfast professionalism aiming at developing and delivering IT integrated customized products that fit in as ultimate solution to our client’s need or problem.


0ur vision is to meet the awareness, campaigning and product knowledge boosting needs of our clients who together constitute the Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan – by providing technology integrated solutions that connect the trilogy comprising Product Manufacturer Company, Prescribing Fraternity and Masses of Population in ethically responsible manner.

Our Workforce

Etrendz was established in 2008 by a team of unwavering professionals – consisting of dynamic personnel as in technical experts, industrial think tanks and business managers. Etrendz initially began as a full-service and cross-industry company but within short span of time developed unmatched and unparalleled expertise in Pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmaceutical industry in MENASA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) region is reported to be not keen on adopting technology.
Now the trends have shifted from print-based detailing to e-detailing and from physical meetings to web based audio / video conferencing using handheld and desktop devices. The shift in such trends is the grant of technology improvisation to reduce travel time and costs and to access real time information – to capitalize on lucrative business opportunities.
Etrendz identifies opportunities for each Pharmaceutical company / client, then designs techno-solutions aimed at fulfilling marketing needs and sales personnel training functions.
Our Workforce

Etrendz stands as the pioneer of technology based sales and marketing solutions in the MENASA region. Etrendz has been generating award-winning solutions for pharmaceutical industrial leaders manufacturing most utilized products and serving varying segments of the populations and also call for repeated business on quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis.