Learning Management System

It is medium for optimizing the Salesforce learning process the smart way. Learning Management System is built on the principle that correction from deviations and desired performance is achieved by learning through past adverse experiences. Past experience reflects best practices to be repeated in future and worse practices to be avoided in future by Medical Sales Reps.

Learning Management System comprises learning material for Salesforce performance improvements.

LMS is a Software Application that features presentation / administering methods, tracking, documentation, training programs, in-class and online teaching events, e-learning programs and documented training content (SOP’s).

Pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is a regulated industry and on mass corporate level uses LMS to automate and integrate salesforce learning and management. LMS identifies each new employee through registration and keeps records of their day to day performance. LMS is also used for compliance training. Other features of LMS may be:

  • Lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Activity Competition Reports
  • Questions
  • Calendar

At Etrendz we integrate authoring tools, follow SCORM specifications for interoperability and Learning Content Management Systems to develop the on-demand web based apps.


Knowledge Base Program

Knowledge based programs are another revolutionary offering that Etrendz specializes in. Basically these programs are aimed at aiding product managers with a tool through which they can manage to improve the understanding capability and learning process of medical sales representatives. Traditional learning materials are insufficient on engaging rep’s interest. But games, quizzes and knowledge check based programs comprising multiple choice questions and animated games is more likely to improve rep’s learning and knowledge building.